More Lumens. Less power. Best Price. Spectacular Quality.

You may remember the name Ed Sabol. The late film maker and founder of NFL Films. I didn't know him personally, but one of his quotes has always been a favorite of mine.

"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten."

When I originally set out to design truly cutting-edge LED systems for RV's, I took this philosophy to heart and to my drafting table.

My goal was more lumens, less power, best possible price and quality. Period!

More Lumens. Tech moves forward everyday and we redesign with every order to incorporate those advancements. We don't rest on our laurels.

Less Power. When it comes to RV lighting, it truly is a balancing act because as you know, the 12-volt LED market is not like the 110-volt market. The power into the system is just as important as the power out.

Best Price. Like any new product on the market, manufacturers and their marketers "jack" the price; it's almost as if they have a sense of entitlement to your money. "New product, let's make them pay for it." I have always viewed it differently. I never pad the price.

Customers should only buy products that make sense. Sure, but they need not be gouged for it. Why should you pay for marketing, distribution and sales?

Spectacular Quality. Now it does cost a bit for the proper components and parts, but it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, trust me. With our products, you are not responsible for distribution costs, we are. We supply direct to our customers, cutting all distributor and distributor reps costs.

That said, you get what you pay for and that is always important when it comes to calculating price per lumen and overall functionally.

When you buy a great piece of meat from the butcher, you base the cost on price per pound. When you buy milk, it's calculated on price per quart or gallon. When you look into insurance, you do so with the averaged price per benefit in mind. When you pay for LED's, the price per lumen is what it is all about!

After tackling all the above, I decided to take it one step further. That's what I do!

Your desire for great, bright, energy efficient light should not cost you the functionality of other electronic equipment in your RV. That's why I set out to counter the EMI dilemma and am the only designer to make its suppression my problem, not yours.

When you get a chance, check out the NAKED BULB with a clear plastic housing so you can see and compare the difference to others. Check Lumens, check power in and out, and certainly check the price. The overall quality over at cost, will amaze you. We're certain you will clearly see that we are "Innovating Illumination one LED at a time."

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