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We design LED Lighting products of uncompromising quality for the discriminating RV Owner who only wants the Best.

Watch this Video by NOMADIC FANATIC on campground Safety and Security

Watch my Friend Eric at “NOMADIC FANATIC” on his thoughts on Safety and Security Lighting around his Campground while camping.

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If you are looking for a World ClassUSA Designed & PATENTEDNON-KNOCK-OFF RV LED Bulb Created by “GREGG WILSON DESIGNS”, you have come to the right place.  The NAKED-BULB Series of LED Bulbs have “EMI SUPPRESSION”are designed with a wide-voltage operational range and RUN COOLER due to the Patented Flow-Thru Design.  We manufacture the  NAKED-BULBS  to a very high standard that will allow this NAKED-BULB Series of LED Bulbs to withstand the daily shaking and vibration of a modern RV without failing.


The Stacker-Bulb series of LED Bulbs are bright and the only STACKABLE LED BULBS sold in the RV Industry today. The PATENTED BASE-STACK LED BULBS are designed to be used in conjunction with the  Top-Stacks or Top-Caps to increase the Lumen output of the bulb. They also feature Aluminum grids for increased COOLING for long-life.

Simply Stated, the Patented “Stacker Technology” allows you to Expand on the Lumen Output of Each Stacker-Bulb and more Tailor the Product to YOUR Lighting Requirements.

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