Created by “GREGG WILSON DESIGNS”, the Stacker-Bulb™ Patent Pending concept was conceived to let the customer custom design the interior lighting of their coach.

The Stacker-Bulb™ replacement bulbs are built with the finest LED lighting technology and materials available and are the only bulbs in the RV Industry that incorporate the new Patent Pending “Stacker Technology” that allows you to use Base-Stacks™ that work in conjunction with Top-Stacks™ and Top-Caps™ to more tailor the light projection and lumen output of the bulb.

All Stacker-Bulbs™ use Aluminum Cages and not FP-4 fiber board to better control the heat and give long life the bulb. All Stacker-Bulbs are readily Dimmable with your current dimmer.  The Stacker-Bulb™ comes in the following bases BA15s, W2.1×9.5d or BA15d.

Each Stacker-Bulb™ has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours or more which is many times longer than a standard bulb it replaces which saves money and time, especially in those hard-to-reach places where replacing an incandescent bulb can be difficult. This product does not contain mercury or emit ultraviolet (UV) light. The Stacker-Bulb™ “is manufactured to high standards to allow it to withstand the daily shaking and vibration of a modern RV without failing.

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